Product description

Ref No: AS097.U439

Brand: Aztorin

Collection Smart

Features: alarm, date, Countdown feature, calendar, backlight, Stopwatch, LCD touchpad, smartwatch

Case: Plastic

Case size: 46 mm

Crystal: Panda Glass™

Strap: Silicone strap

Clasp Pin buckle

Water resistance: IP 68

Warranty: 2 years

Working hours: 10 days max
Pojemność baterii: 300mAh
Rozdzielczość ekranu: 240x240 px
Speaker and microphone: Yes
App: VeryFit
Pedometer/calories/distance measurement: Yes
Fleshlight: Yes
Sleep tracker: Yes
Heart rate monitor: Yes
Weather: Yes
Connecting with smartphone GPS: Yes
Notifications: Yes
Phone calls: Yes
Blood saturation: Yes
Movement reminder: Yes
Camera control: Yes
Music control: Yes
Stopwatch/timer/alarm: Yes
Clockface to download: Yes
Planner: Yes
Built-in GPS: Yes
Vibrations: Yes
Smartphone finding: Yes
Alexa: Tak
iOS: Tak
Android: Tak
Bluetooth: Yes
Sport modes: Run, Off-road run, Yoga, Walking, Swimming, Cycling, Spacer, Wędrówki piesze, Krykiet, Wioślarz, Orbitrek, Badminton, Baseball, Treadmill, Box, Weightlifting, Random sport, Gymnastics, Golf, Hokey, Basketball, Ice skating, Marathon, Skiing, Pilates, Football, Handball, Darts, Volleyball, Skipping rope, Spin fishing, Stepper, Dance, Street dance, Teakwondo, Tennis, Training, Strength training

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